Precision Farming

GEOCONTROL - Section Control (SC)

The GEO - SC makes sure that the implements sections will be switched on and off automatically. This avoids undesired overlap and operation outside the field border. With a license for automatic section control, the implement is able to regulate the beginning and end of the tracts of land by itself. This saves time and increases driving convenience.

  • Shut off sections when driving over previously covered areas
  • Shut off sections when driving outside field boundary
  • Shut off sections when driving backwards
  • Headland control
  • Manual override possibility

GEOCONTROL - Variable Rate (VR)

The GEO - VR will automatically adjust the output rate for the implement. It enables you to vary the rate of seeds, fertiliser and chemicals. With a license for the partial section-specific application, the implement is able to regulate the application amount itself in combination with a geo-referenced map. This increases yields per hectare, saves costs and improves driving convenience.

  • Forward place specific rate from task to machine
  • Record applied rate from machine to task
  • Send location-specific order amount to the machine
  • Send applied amount from the machine to the order and document
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