KBM celebrates the 25th anniversary of commencing production.

In 1988, Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH (KBM) was established in Zweibrücken, Germany, and in 1989 it commenced the production of Mini Excavators. On the 26th of June 2014, KBM celebrated the 25th anniversary of that auspicious start of production.


Attending the event from the Kubota Corporation (KBT) in Japan were the President and Representative Director, Mr. Masatoshi Kimata who was Executive Vice-President at the time, Mr. Kenshiro Ogawa (Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Procurement Headquarters, Quality Assurance & Manufacturing Headquarters, and General Manager of Health & Safety Promotion Headquarter), Mr. Haruyuki Yoshida (Executive officer, General Manager of the Farm & Industrial Machinery International Operations Headquarters and General Manager of the Farm & Industrial Machinery Planning and Control Department), Mr. Kazunari Shimokawa (Executive officer, General Manager of the Construction Machinery Division), and Mr. Shigeo Kōto (General Manager of Secretary Department).

Also in attendance were nearly 250 guests including Kubota distributors, dealers, and suppliers along with representatives of mass media, financial agencies, and various affiliated organizations.

As part of the ceremony, KBM management expressed its heartfelt gratitude to all who have provided positive support contributing to KBM’s smooth development, and went on to request their ongoing cooperation for the future development.

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